A Mid-Week Birthday


This Tuesday was Jamie’s birthday, and both of us took the day off. At least, I took the day off – his company gives you your birthday off in addition to standard leave, which I would feel bitter about if I didn’t already get a LOT of holiday (perks of working in a university).

We didn’t have anything planned – we went to the Isle of Wight at the weekend as my main present to him – so when we woke up we had a slow morning. I popped to the new fancy coffee and cycling cafe on the corner of our street for some croissants (Archway is currently undergoing extensive gentrification, and I’m taking advantage of the food before we get priced out and have to move to Zone 6) and we had a relaxed birthday breakfast while Jamie unwrapped his presents. Then we faffed about for a bit, then we went for a seafood lunch, and then we went to the Chelsea Physic Garden. It was pretty and peaceful and somewhere new and I took lots of photos. 




The garden was established in the 17th century as a place for apprentice apothecaries to train and it still feels pretty educational. It’s laid out in sections corresponding to different regions – we went full geek and got audio tours, which turned out to be totally worth it since they were narrated by my favourite news anchor, Jon Snow.




We were probably the youngest people there by quite a margin, (although to be fair it was a Tuesday) but we really enjoyed it. For some reason this birthday felt oddly significant – it’s in the year we get married, and also it’s the first birthday where both of us have been employed at the same time, so perhaps adulthood is really upon is.

And after that I got a terrible pressure headache and we went home and I spent the evening NOT MOVING MY HEAD while poor Jamie cooked and did the washing up around me. I intend to make it up to him this weekend with copious amounts of extravagant food; I’ve bought some quail’s eggs already.


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