Finding Aid #2


  1. Cooking has been on my mind a lot recently, and I’ve enjoyed making this recipe for a really delicious, easy chocolate cake. The courgette weirdly works, promise! I left the nuts out though and topped with strawberries.
  2. This moisturiser was my favourite last year and it is this year too. The scent is gorgeous, you only need a little, and it lasts all day. When I use it I always end up wondering what the amazing smell is and then realising that it’s me! Last night, mine tragically fell off the shelf INTO THE TOILET so I’m going to have to invest in some more.
  3. The summery weather recently has me thinking about country gardens, and one weekend soon I intend on going here.
  4. I recently read this article found on this lovely blog, and I wanted to share it here. What he says about love completely captures something I’ve often felt but never yet articulated.
  5. Everlane sent me an email this morning to say that they are shipping to the UK for two weeks only! I immediately forwarded it to all the people I think might buy me something from them for my birthday – ever resistant to summer clothing, I’m hoping for this and this.

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