Three Books to Read in Bed



I read in bed every single night. I always have, it calms me down, it lets me escape for a little bit, if I don’t I can’t sleep. It also has the added benefit of meaning that I get through a lot of books, which makes me feel well-read.

But! For me, choosing books for bedtime reading is a bit of a fine art. You probably don’t want anything too gripping, and definitely nothing too emotive or sad, because otherwise cue overwrought insomnia. Those books (which I love too!) I reserve for when I’m on holiday, when I’m apparently immune to sadness.

Now, I realise that most people are more emotionally mature than this, so probably don’t need to read cheery books in order to sleep at night. But on the off-chance that anyone is looking for some beautifully written, happy books for bedtime, here are three recommendations:

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